It started with a  . . . 


“To create immortals“


Create designer portraits that transcend time.
Create portraits that will demand a captive audience and unwavering confidence in the true definition of family, greatness, heritage, and beauty.
Create works of art that appreciate in value as family heirlooms, from one generation to the next.
Create artistic, but accurate, one-of-a-kind, historical documents.


“Leave your mark, and live forever.”


The “O” encircling the hand represents the earth and the beginning of time. The hand represents the beings that have been on the earth and beyond time, since the beginning. The letter “B” represents the owner of this particular handprint, Brian. The motto “Live Forever” is short for “Leave Your Mark, and Live Forever,” and is our principal belief.

The Artist



My name is Brian Brown.  I am a fifteen-year military veteran.  I have degrees in Aerospace, Science, Education, and Photography.  I am also a published and award-winning photographer, specializing in fine-art and portrait photography. I am a contributing photographer with Prizm Magazine.  I am well known for bringing the best out of my team and facing challenges as the tip of the spear, or the staff.  Challenge me, and experience what I can do for you.  As your photographer, I am determined to create images that are worthy to hang on any wall in your home, office, or finest gallery. I will not rest until I have created an image that is full of passion, creativity, and stunning beauty.

The mission of my work is to draw in its audience and reiterate the simplest and most primal of reasons for existing, and that is to be provocative, invigorating, intelligent, and abysmal.

I have heard all of the excuses as to why people do not have more photographs of themselves: “I will, after I loose a few more pounds, I am not a model, It’s TOO expensive! I have a photographer.” 

There is no time like the present; tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Do you want a photo from high school to represent the best years of your life?  You are not fat, you are “CURVY”.  Allow me to help get rid of those extra pounds. I have the skills and knowledge to make you appear anyway that you wish. Let me help.           
You don’t have to be a model to take beautiful pictures…  In fact, most models aren’t models, but with my skills, instruction, and your positive attitude, you can be. Bring the confidence and I will bring the rest.

Working with me is worth every penny.  Why?  BECAUSE I AM AWESOME! I love what I do, and it shows. You are not just paying for an image; you are paying for an experience. You are paying to preserve a beautiful moment in time that will NEVER happen again.  You say that cost is a problem? Can you really afford to lose those moments? Life passes in a blink of an eye. To capture it, for generations to come, is priceless. 

Now, you may say “Anyone can take a picture, these days. Just point the camera and click.”  This may be true, but can just anyone capture the soul, the emotion that a great image can provoke?  I capture details that you fail to notice the first ten times that you look at the image.  I don ’t just frame you in a little square and       command you to say “Cheese.”  I compose a scene that says “You are a unique.” Even if your image is discovered 100 years from now, and nothing is known about you; it will tell a story of your greatness.  Can YOUR photographer do that?  The next time that you have friend take your picture… Ask yourself “How do I want to be remembered?” And then ask your photographer how do they   plan to make this happen for you. If he can’t give you an answer that you are satisfied with, don’t waste your time. Because you’re not going to get what you deserve, Immortality. 

The Boss

Hi, my name is Christina Wilder.  I am Brian’s partner, assistant, and General manager.  I have extensive experience in the wedding, modeling, hair and makeup, and fashion industries. I have certifications in the fields of medical, culinary arts, event planning, health and fitness, and early childhood education.  I am also a published and professional model specializing in bridal, fine-art, conceptual, portrait, implied nude, boudoir, and lifestyle modeling. I have appeared in small film and commercials. I am well known for bringing the best out of my team and those around me. I am instrumental at keeping the ball rolling and on time. I have yet to meet a challenge that I or my team could not handle. So, sit back, relax, and allow me to take over.  I am determined to make your experience with us the very best that it can be. 



Portsmouth, Virginia

+1 757 469 9003