Dress & Attire

In order to maintain the style, integrity, and brand of the Of Brian Photography legacy portraiture, it is imperative that our dress code is adhered to. In achieving a successful transition into infinite greatness, certain colors and styles of clothing should be used, while others should be greatly avoided.

Of Brian requires that you dress in formal attire. When selecting your clothing, ask yourself this question, “As an immortal, how do I wish to be regarded by my family, friends, and future generations throughout time?” For many, an Of Brian portrait is the most superb historical family heirloom that they will ever possess. In order to reduce unwanted reflections and hotspots, dark clothing is highly recommended. Select dresses that flow below the waistline. Select clothing that is not dated by fashion or style. Attempt to wear similar colors to your group. Doing so tends to radiate unison and harmony.  Here are some additional guidelines:

Men and young men: Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit), white shite, tie or bowtie, and dark pants.

Ladies and young ladies: Dark flowing dresses or gowns (black, red, burgundy, navy, etc.) Avoid tight fitting dresses. There are a few exceptions to the rule. When in doubt, bring more than one dress or gown. Long or no sleeves are recommended. Avoid excessive patterns. Timeless jewelry is greatly recommended. Hair and makeup should be clean and appropriate for the clothing that you are wearing. Makeup may be tastefully dramatic. Nails (including toes) should be simple, classy, matching, and complimenting. Dark colors or French is encouraged.

Little girls (under the age of 5): Dark or gem colored dresses are favored, but an off-white is also acceptable.

Little boys (under the age of 5): A simple white shirt and bowtie is appropriate.