Works Of Brian (WOB) is a subdivision of the Of Brian Photography company. Where Of Brian Photography is infamously known for its high-end formal legacy portraits, WOB is known for its edgier economical studio and environmental works. Indicative of the same quality and attention to detail that Of Brian is known for, WOB portraits are printed on premium, industry standard, acid-free, archival, photographic paper, rather than canvas. WOB prints rang in size from 16x20 up to 24x30. All WOB Portraits are sold framed, catalogued, copyright, and with a lifetime replacement. Since Works Of Brian only sells prints and not digital files, our portraits are guaranteed to be one of a kind works, and will only be replaced (free of charge) with documented proof of catastrophic damage or lose. This is to maintain the visual integrity and value, and beauty of your portrait as an Original Fine-Art Work Of Brian and the Works Of Brian reputation of being one of the very best.


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