Of Brian Photography offers immortality, in the form of an elegantly framed fine- art canvas portrait, on a 1:2 to 1:1 scale. Created and retouched by an experienced photographer and artist. Reproduced onto a high thread count renaissance quality canvas, and then stretched and tacked by hand, onto a custom-crafted and treated canvas sub-frame. After which, the canvas is finished and sealed by a master artist and restorationist. At the same time, an expert framer crafts and sculpts a custom museum quality closed-corner display frame for the finish product.  The canvas and frame are then sent to quality assurance for a final inspection of all parts and assembly. Lastly, the assembled work of art is catalogued and finalist by the creator and owners, before be presented to the client.

Of Brian portraits are created in with great passion and detail. No other legacy portrait appreciates in value like an Of Brian legacy portrait. Our portraitures are more than art; they are a family heirloom for future generations. OB portraits are copyright and guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind work with the documentation to prove it. Each portrait comes with a lifetime guarantee. OB portraitures are one of the most beautiful family historical records that a great man or woman can bestow upon his or her family and descendants.

Our portraits bring out all of the best qualities of those who own them. They are adored, admired, and desired by their audience as a work of greatness that so few can possess. To maintain originality and prevent counterfeiting, Of Brian infuses the DNA of the client(s) into their investment. This makes an OB portrait into a time capsule, as well as a fine-art portrait.

Of Brian Photography legacy portraits represent power, style and class, wealth, greatness, family, unity, confidence in the future, and most importantly immortality. Be confident in knowing that when future generations of your family speak of their ancestor(s) and your greatness they will have a true to life representation of you to stand next to.