Of Brian Photography (OBP) is a premiere legacy portraiture investment business. We specialize in high-end, large format, modern, canvas portraitures. Our portraits embody respect, honor, and great beauty for all of time. Portraits starts at 24 x 30 in size. An Of Brian portraiture is more than just art, it is a time capsule; entrusted to hold a key moment in our client's great history and preserving it in a state of immortality for future generations to gaze upon. It is a direct representation of what is greatest, priceless, and dearest to our clients. Our portraits are heirlooms; a wise investment in your family’s future. What better way to represent one’s immortality than a life size portrait of you and your love ones standing tall and noble before present and future generations? Every portrait by Of Brian demands nothing less than a captive audience wherever it is displayed. Family heirlooms of lesser value have started wars to be possessed, imagine what an Of Brian Legacy Portrait can do for you.