Works Of Brian Premium Portraits

Styles: Classic Studio or Fine-Art
Sizes: 16x20, 20x30, 24x36
WOB Signature Editing
Premium Acid-Free Archival Photographic Paper
Museum Quality Matte-Finish
Professionally Mounted
Hermetically Sealed
Authentication and Warrantee Documents

Choose from one of two beautiful portrait styles. Classic Studio portraits are formal and timeless. These portraits may be created in a sitting or standing position, or a combination of both. The final image may vary from half to full length. Clothing is usually dark and elegant without being dateable. Jewelry is highly encourage but should also compliment the clothing. Fine-Art portraits are less formal, but equally beautiful and timeless. Fine-Art portraits can be best defined as bold and jaw-dropping. These portraits may be created in studio or on location. Clothing may vary from dated costume pieces to romantic nude. Please note that due to the creative nature of a Fine-Art portrait, a preliminary consultation and deposit may be required, as well as the final cost may be justifiably more than a Classic Studio portrait.

In order for the subject of the portrait to exude a powerful presence, and demand the undivided attention of its audience; images are printed in Works Of Brian Photography standard sizes of: 16x20, 20x30, and 24x36. Works Of Brian Photography feels that smaller size options would not do its’ client or brand justice. Larger sizes are available at an addition cost.

Each Works Of Brian Portrait is edited and retouched in-house by a professional photographer and artist. Lighting and color is balanced to bring out the finest of details in clothing, the environment, and accessories. Our signature retouching formula is applied to all subjects to restore them to their visually optimal health and appeal, at the time that to portrait was commissioned.

To ensure that your portrait will retain its premium luster, grandeur and value, all portraits are printed on premium acid-free archival photographic paper. This prevents your portrait from yellowing, cracking, becoming brittle, and deteriorating over time.

A museum quality matte finish is applied to resist damage from fine-line scratching, finger-prints, glare, and adhering to the frame’s glass.

The portrait is mounted in a negative pressure process to create an airtight mounting, and maximizes the strength of the portrait, per square inch.

The mounted portrait is then placed into a custom fitted frame, sealed, and vacuumed to remove dust, air, and moisture; extending the longevity of your portrait even longer.

Finally, your portrait is authenticated and sealed as an original work of art by Works Of Brian parent company (Of Brian Photography), signed by the photographer and artist, receipted, documented, and warrantied to replace the image only in a case of documented catastrophic damage or lost; free of cost to the client. Please note that theft is not considered a catastrophic lost, by Of Brian Photography, due to the fact that if another portrait is printed, the value of the original #1 print declines.